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BCUBE air cargo certified by IATA CEIV Pharma on Malpensa airport hub

BCUBE air cargo has formally received from IATA (International Air Transport Association) the CEIV Pharma certification for Malpensa airport hub where it represents, through its subsidiary Malpensa Logistica Europa, one of the main cargo handlers present on the Italian airport market.
After the IATA CEIV PHARMA certification obtained last July on Fiumicino airport hub, BCUBE air cargo proves itself to be, also on Malpensa air station, the Italian leader in the sector of temperature controlled airport services exclusively devoted to pharmaceutical products.
With new and exclusive infrastructures and highly-qualified processes on the main Italian hubs, BCUBE air cargo represents an absolute novelty in the context of very highly-specialized ground handling services at the airport.
BCUBE air cargo, part of the Italian logistics Group BCUBE, is among the first companies in the world to have joint the initiative of IATA (organization gathering over 90% of world airlines). The CEIV Pharma programme, born in 2014, collects and codifies international guidelines referred to the air transportation of temperature-controlled pharmaceutical products (such as, EU GDP – Good Distribution Practice). The certification programme, mainly intended for airlines and ground handlers but also for forwarding agents and carriers, aims at defining uniform standards of service in the air transportation of thermo-sensitive pharmaceutical products.