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BCUBE at EXPO 2015

On the September 11th, in the Galleria Meravigli in Milan an event related to Monferrato Pavilion at EXPO 2015 took place.
It was a meeting with the industrial excellences of the Monferrato area, which presented to the wide audience its services related to the food chain and the agro-industrial branch.
The food sector is an important component of the activities of BCUBE, which through its own temperature controlled transport, its certified warehouses equipped with cold refrigerators and the ability to multi-modal logistics management, is able to differentiate itself in this field with innovative and customized services.
On the 9th of October at the Council Chamber of the City of Casale Monferrato the certificates of participation will be consigned by the president of GEOMONFERRATO (G. Spinoglio), councilor to Major Events of the town (D. Carmi) and the Mayor of city of Casale Monferrato (T. Palazzetti)