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BCUBE a partner of Politecnico di Milano

On the 6th of November, at the Aula Carlo de Carli of Politecnico di Milano, took place the conference entitled ” Logistics Outsourcing: between myths and creation of value”, presenting the research of Contract Logistics Research Centre (Osservatorio Contract Logistics), sponsored by the School of Management of Politecnico di Milano in collaboration with Assologistica.

The results of the research were discussed and elaborated in a series of panel discussions performed by numerous managers from companies in the supply chain sector, that are partner of the Research Center itself. Liviana Forza, Head of Strategic Business Development in BCUBE, participated in the round table “The logistics as a support for the internationalization of business”. During the discussion, it came out that the role of logistics operators is always more important in this critical phase of development of Italian companies.
Gino Marchet, Head of Scientific of the Osservatorio, pointed out as one of the “myths to debunk” that the only reason for outsourcing the logistics is to vary and reduce costs as it is a “simple” activity. The new winning approaches to logistics are those which require greater synergies between companies, technology suppliers and logistics service providers in order to implement innovative systems and produce the best results also in terms of economics.