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BCUBE “ramp handler” in Malpensa

BCUBE air cargo MLE has successfully activated the additional license released by ENAC (National Civil Aviation Authority) in December 2013. Indeed, thanks to the certification of competency achieved at the airport of Milan, the license which made MLE the first and only cargo handler in Italy to be able to perform operations even on the runway, permitted to further extend the traditional warehouse activities of MLE, completing the chain of airport service and performing also the management of goods by air in apron and under the edge of plane.
BCUBE air cargo MLE has become, therefore, not only “warehouse” but also a “ramp” handler in Malpensa, being able to perform (and actually performing) activities of direct assistance to full cargo aircraft positioned in front of the warehouses of MLE in the Lombard airport.
The services provided in turnaround (i.e. arrival / departure time) – which provide a special allocation of appropriate resources (stairs, cargo loaders, tractors with a drawbar) and highly trained staff – mainly consist in assisting the aircrafts’ parking, positioning of the stairs, in the unloading and loading of cargo holds, equipment and crew transportation, in the actions of the aircraft in preparation for start-up, the c.d. push back, etc.
The team of BCUBE air cargo started on the very beginning of July , with a signed contract with its historical client Silk Way, a leading full cargo carriers present at Malpensa, with the assistance 4/7 to a demanding Boeing 747. Since July 6, BCUBE air cargo MLE has increased its portfolio of services by launching ramp services to a second client, Egypt Air, for now only conducting operations on the runway at one weekly flight of the Egyptian customer. This is the first step in an itinerary of high specialization, programmed by BCUBE air cargo, in the performance of ground handling services which predicts, by 2016, a strong pressure toward the qualification and integration of the chain of service with the enhancement of specific areas with high added value (such as the handling of air goods at controlled temperature) and the definition of ad hoc loyalty programs for its customers.