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Meeting with the Ambassador Alessandro DePedys in the headquarters of BCUBE in Poland

On the 31st of March, Sistema Poland, the Polish company of the BCUBE Group, had the honor to receive at its offices in Bieruń the Ambassador of the Italian Republic in Poland Mr. Alessandro De Pedys, in the occasion of the meeting with Italian entrepreneurs from the territory of the Region of Silesia. The initiative of the Embassy was realized in collaboration with the BCUBE Group, which contributed to the organization of the event.
Ambassador during his speech highlighted the importance of the Polish market in the development of national and international affairs of the whole Italy.
The representatives of the top management of BCUBE: Enrico Bazzi, Luigi Bonzano and Umberto Bonzano, present at the meeting, had the opportunity to know in-depth the industrial center of Silesia and to present to all the guests the reality of BCUBE in all its completeness.
The invitation to participation in the meeting was also confirmed by the local authorities including Voivode of Silesia, Piotr Litwa, Marshal of Silesia, Kazimierz Karolczak and other distinguished guests – representatives of the relevant local authorities.
During the meeting the presentation of 3 companies as an example of 3 stories of success in Poland took place. Mr. Enrico Bologna introduced the Brembo Poland story, Ing. Silvio Brignone presented the Bitron Poland, and Sistema Poland was recounted by Simone Grasso.