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DG Auto Check experience by BCUBE

The IATA Dangerous Goods AutoCheck solution is a digital tool that allows the operator to verify the compliance of dangerous goods declarations (DGD), issued by the haulier, with all relevant rules, included in the IATA regulations concerning the handling of dangerous goods. BCUBE has always been focused on safety issues and has always shared IATA's approach to safety as a priority, so it decided to adopt the DG AutoCheck solution more than a year ago. 

This is how - on November 11, 2020 - BCUBE Air Cargo, represented by Carlo Maffiolini - Trainer and Cargo Supervisor of BCUBE - participated in the first virtual IATA DG Auto Check User Forum. The event gathered participants from all over the world, discussing the state of the Industry and IATA’s cargo products strategy, especially in regards to DGR Regulation updates, COVID-19 impacts and the digitalization of the Supply Chain initiatives. During his speech, Carlo Maffiolini shared BCUBE’s experience of DG Autocheck user, highlighting the opportunities that the digitalization can bring to our day-to-day operations.