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23/24 September - AGD Kongres

The White Goods Industry has been an extremely important sector for the Polish economy for many years. The production of around 22 million large and small household appliances puts Poland in first place in the EU among producers in this sector.

On September 23-24 in Lodz (PL) will take place the third edition of AGD Kongres, an important CEO Summit focused on the White Goods industry and BCUBE has the honor to be main partner of it. In this two days of discussion on issues related to the White Goods industry we will intervene as speakers bringing our experience and our testimony.  The Sales Director of Poland, Arkadiusz Rudowicz will have the honor and the burden of holding a dedicated speech in the panel discussion reserved for the "supply chain", so we will have the opportunity to highlight the expertise of BCUBE in the White Goods sector, highlighting our role as a leader, both for manufacturers and OEMs, for this sector in a market like the Polish one.

BCUBE, with its thirty years of experience in the so-called "white sector" boasts collaborations both with local companies and with the most famous ones on a global level.

The AGD Congress is a key forum for the exchange of ideas and discussion of important issues for this type of industry; it takes place in a wide panorama involving the most important representatives and experts in the field, CEOs, suppliers, manufacturers and distributors as well as representatives of the government and local administrations of the Polish territory.


We will keep you updated with the agenda of the day and all the insights on our intervention!