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BCUBE AIR CARGO has joined IATA Time and Temperature Working Group

We’re pleased to announce that our BCUBE AIR CARGO Division has joined the IATA Time and Temperature Working Group (TTWG). The Time and Temperature Working Group develops and maintains standards for the procedures, documentation, cargo handling, packaging and acceptance of healthcare goods. This way it facilitates, improves and maintains the proper functioning of the pharmaceutical logistics sector.

Honored to be part of this reality, Bcube will be represented by Fabrizio Iacobacci - Head of Pharma Business in BCUBE Air Cargo and President of PharmacomItalia - Association that aims to promote and develop the culture of pharmaceutical supply chain management, through the study, research analysis, practice and diffusion of models and logistics services qualitatively superior', but also facilitating contacts between individuals, professionals, businesses, public and private entities and associations, all aimed at the growth of a crucial sector for both the pharmaceutical world as for logistics.

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