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BCUBE protagonist of a service of the television program Restart

With the collaboration of the Italian Chamber of Commerce and Industry in Poland, we had the pleasure of being protagonists of a report dedicated to the case of the economic success of Poland, which was aired on Restart, the talk conducted by Annalisa Bruchi with Aldo Cazzullo, on Rai2.

With the expert Gianluca Timpone, accountant and tax lawyer, we analyzed the case of the economic success of Poland whose GDP fell only 3.5% against 8.9 of Italy. This is thanks to a tax system that holds up, but also to the ability to spend the available European funds with farsightedness.

Simone Grasso, Head of Automotive Worldwide BCUBE hosted the troupe in our operational site, providing a concrete case of an Italian Group that has also contributed to the economic success of the Polish market.


Here the complete episode of Restart aired oh 24 Febrary, 2021