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Drones Observatory Conference of Politecnico di Milano

Bcube is part of the Community of the Drones Observatory of the Polytechnic of Milan.

The next conference, titled "Drones: making system for a greater development" will be on February 16, 9.30 am - 12.30 pm in streaming online.

All sectors have suffered from the closures and limitations imposed by the pandemic and the drone sector has been no exception.

With a supply chain composed mostly of startups and small businesses, the months of lockdowns and subsequent restrictions have been a tough challenge for an industry already tested by rapid changes in regulations and a lack of full awareness of the benefits enabled by this technology. However, social distancing, population monitoring, and the need for fast and efficient delivery have clearly shown the potential of this technology which, in the presence of stable regulatory environments, could bring great benefits to companies and Public Administrations. Can the emergency act as an enabler of ecosystems that lead to greater growth?

All this will be discussed during the 2021 Conference, providing interpretative models, data and ideas to help user companies to understand the spaces for innovation and companies in the sector to fit into ecosystems that can best enhance their offer.

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