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Exhibition IPACK-IMA here we are!

After nearly two years of waiting, we are back to participating in attendance at industry trade shows.

The first opportunity to get back in touch with the public in "offilne" mode will be IPACK IMA in Milan. The event will bring on stage the best of food and industrial production technologies, in an international exhibition context that guarantees a valuable network and new business contacts.

At IPACK-IMA 2022 there will be ample space for technologies, processing systems and food processes, such as:

  • Complete lines for food production
  • Sorting machines, Centrifuges and Extractors for food industry
  • Cutting, portioning and slicing systems
  • Machines for peeling, stoning and shelling
  • Machines for chopping, mixing, homogenizing food products
  • Cookers-mixers, Emulsifiers, Mixers
  • Dosing and filling machines for canning industry
  • Complete lines for vegetable preserves
  • Evaporators and Fermenters
  • Ovens, Fryers, Vacuum cooking machines
  • Dosing and fillin machines for canning industry
  • Complete lines for dairy products, UHT plants, Pasteurizers
  • Lines and machines for Pet-Food
  • Roasting machines
  • Vibrating screens
  • Flexible mechanical conveyors for food industry
  • Cooling and freezing tunnels, Dryers
  • Autoclaves, Tanks, Washing machines, Sterilizers for food industry
  • Humidifiers and drying systems for food industry


The BCUBE INDUSTRIAL division will participate in the event with a dedicated stand, located in Hall 10.