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From Innovation to Competitiveness. What matters in supply chain management" - BCUBE presents itself to the prestigious audience of ANIMP members

BCUBE, in collaboration with ANIMP - National Association of Industrial Plant Design, organized a webinar entitled: "From Innovation to Competitiveness. What matters in supply chain management".

The webinar was held on 24.02.2021 on the occasion of the space called "A Member for Members", which ANIMP reserves for its members, where companies have the opportunity to introduce themselves, tell their stories and create synergies with the many renowned companies participating in the event, presenting products, services and information about their activities, to promote greater knowledge among members, and establish fruitful collaborations. 

There were three key concepts we wanted to address: Innovation and its application to the supply chain, Competitiveness built through the continuous improvement approach and Cross-sectorality as an added value at the basis of integrated solutions.

All of this is to let those who have been our listeners discover what really matters in supplychain management.

To open the webinar with an initial greeting Eng. Antonio Careddu - President of ANIMP and Dr. Giuseppe Biesuz - Head of BU Industrial Worldwide of BCUBE Group who brought the greetings of the President Dr. Piero Carlo Bonzano and stressed the importance of an increasingly integrated and cross-sector approach to logistics. Mr. Giuseppe Della Ragione, CTO & Innovatoin Manager, was given the task to tell about BCUBE experience in innovation and continuous improvement approach. During his speech Mr. Della Ragione focused on two main aspects: product innovation and service innovation. The meeting was moderated by the Head of Corporate Communication of the Group - Ewa Micor.