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The "New Climate" for the Home Appliances Industry

The resumption of physical events for BCUBE starts again from Poland and last 23-24 September our BCUBE - Sistema Poland team attended AGD Kongres in Łódź, a key event for the household appliances industry in Poland.

The 3rd edition of the CEO Summit organized by APPLiA Polska, Związek Producentów AGD and Łódzka Specjalna Strefa Ekonomiczna (Lodz Special Economic Zone) focused on some of the most crucial topics for manufacturers and suppliers of the sector: evolution of global trends, green economy, innovation and technology, e-commerce, new challenges for the supply chain and the importance of human resources and their skills to face the "new" situation.

BCUBE, as main partner of the event, took care of the panel dedicated to logistics. The speech of Arkadiusz Rudowicz, Commercial Director of BCUBE Sistema Poland, highlighted the strong transition that the logistics sector is experiencing right now, as a natural consequence of the impact that the pandemic has had on the supply chain at global level. They talked about logistics 4.0., digitalization, the phenomenon of reshoring and relocation of production activities, as well as the role that logistics can play in promoting a sustainable approach.

In his speech Arkadiusz Rudowicz was joined by Artur Olejniczak, logistics expert and professor at the University of Logistics in Poznan.

At the end of the speech, the participants of the conference were "virtually transported" to the plant in Bierun (Tychy), about 300 km away from the congress venue, where, through VR 360° technology, they could comfortably visit the BCUBE warehouse and witness the daily activity of spare parts management that BCUBE carries out for one of the leading customers in the industry.


Here the agenda of the congress  and the official website of the event


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