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Piero Carlo Bonzano for Newsweek ''the role of integrated logistics operators is set to increase.''

"As global industrial supply chains become longer and more complicated, the role of integrated logistics operators is bound to increase," says BCUBE president Cav. del Lav. Piero Carlo Bonzano, interviewed by Newsweek Magazine, which dedicates a focus to Italy and its leading industrial realities.

President Bonzano highlighted the commitment of BCUBE Group in the life-saving missions carried out during the pandemic period both in Italy and abroad, in particular in Ostend, where the dedicated team and air transport facilities including the pharma centers played a strategic role. Cavalier Bonzano also spoke about the new sectors that the Group is approaching including the naval sector and the pharmaceutical sector, underlining the strategic importance of the activities carried out in the historical sectors such as Automotive and Industrial.

Among the companies featured in the Newsweek article are IMA, a leader in packaging machinery in Emilia Romagna; GPI, an ICT solutions provider based in Trento; the Lombardy-based SAPIO group, specialized in the production of industrial and medical gases; the Ligurian shipyard Sanlorenzo Yacht; the Roman company GCF, which operates in the railway infrastructure market; the Venetian Pedrollo Group, a producer of electric pumps, and Fratelli Brazzale, a brand active in the food sector. Sirmax Group, headquartered in Cittadella (PD), is the first non-integrated European producer, among the first in the world, of polypropylene compounds for all sectors of use - automotive, household appliances, power tools and household, electrical, electronic, construction, furniture.


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