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SAVE THE DATE: 8-9-10 | 03 | 2021 “Shipping, Forwarding&Logistics meet Industry”

The place of Italy in the world and the role of logistics as a driver to reshape the future of the industrial economy and society of the country, this is the incipit of the Shipping, Forwarding&Logistics meet Industry to be held on 8-9-10 | 03 | 2021.

They will be three unmissable days dedicated to the comparison between the stakeholders on the direction to give to the development of the logistic, port and productive Italian system so that it can contribute to the recovery of the growth of the economic and social system.

The program of the three days will be divided into several sessions, transversal and vertical, which will address issues of general interest and commodity sectors.

Here are some of the issues that will be addressed during the conferences:


>> The part of logistics in the Next Generation EU

>> Cyberlogistics: state of the art, opportunities and risks

>> Logistics for circularity and circular logistics

>> Logistics and transport for exporting SMEs

>> Who controls Italian logistics and why it should interest the industry

>> Logistics-industrial lessons from the pandemic

>> Automation in logistics

>> The logistics of high value products

>> The logistics of drugs

Fabrizio Iacobacci - Head of Pharma Business Development of BCUBE Air Cargo who is also the President of Pharmacomitalia - will be the protagonist of the session dedicated to pharmaceutical logistics on Tuesday, March 9. Fabrizio will address the delicate topic of "Pharmaceutical Logistics in the Pandemic".


Here you can find the agenda of the conference 

You can register for the event at the following link