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They talk about us...

"What is coming is better than has gone" is the new BCUBE campaign, debuting on the pages of the Monferrato special "Cento Aziende", dedicated to the economy of the territory. The slogan, strongly desired by the President of the Group Cavaliere del Lavoro Dr. Piero Carlo Bonzano, represents the break with a recent past and expresses the beginning of a new course, strong in the values of the past but synonymous with evolution and progress of the company. It is also a message of hope and optimism, in a particularly delicate and difficult historical moment that we hope will pass as soon as possible, returning us to the normality.

The editorial staff of "Il Monferrato" dedicated a large space to BCUBE, highlighting the strengths of the Group, especially the strategic geographical presence that consists not only in the widespread coverage of the national territory but, above all, in the well-structured presence at the main Italian infrastructure nodes, including ports, interports and airports. This is an aspect that becomes crucial not only in the definition of the Group's commercial expansion strategy, but also from the point of view of a potential impact on projects of national scope.


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