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4 Elephants and 5 tortoises from Malpensa to Saudi Arabia but not only...

Through the sky, and not by sea – that’s the main way of travelling for most of the valuable goods. Some of them to be delivered urgently, some ment to be consigned to remote places. Anything can travel by the airplane. From goods, animals, industrial products to postal bags, cars, helicopters, works of art. The Malpensa Cargo city, where BCUBE is a top cargo handler, is the perfect proof of this unique world. There are many special projects passing through the expert hands of BCUBE Air Cargo colleagues, for example, one of the latest projects was the shipment of 5 giant tortoises and 4 elephants from Italy to Saudi Arabia. These unique passengers, after diligently loaning themselves to a famous Italian Circus for years and years, have returned to Saudi Arabia in order to spend their old age at home. The BCUBE team took care of the entire handling process of these unusual passengers. Another great example of particular activity managed in Malpensa Cargo City is the “art logistics”. The BCUBE’s caveau is the place where all important masterpieces of art, on their way to exhibitions at Milan’s Palazzo Reale or other prestigious Italian locations, pass through. . Other examples of special loads managed by BCUBE experts  concern tropical fish, horses, pregnant buffaloes, tigers ... and who knows what else is yet to come.



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