Air Cargo logistics

Operating in a global market means that companies can ensure that their goods are available globally within a reasonable timeframe. Ground handling airport logistics services play a key role in this regard in enabling the handling, preparation and subsequent air transport of all types of cargo.

Partnership and security

BCUBE is one of the main logistics players in the Air Cargo and operates at the airports of Rome Fiumicino, Milan Malpensa, Milan Linate and Venezia Tessera, providing airlines and freight forwarders with a wide range of services, including physical handling, documentation management for Import & Export flows, security services, customs operations, goods traceability services and transport services.

Our Expertise

Physical cargo handling operations (setting up and dissetting up of loading units)

Document assistance for import and export goods

Ramp service activities for cargo flights

Mail handling and service operations

Cargo security activities

Road transport operations of air cargo


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