We believe in people

BCUBE stands out for its passion and respect for its people and believes in research as a source of innovation.

BCUBE focuses not only on the external customer, but also on the internal customer, the worker, the real player in the organization scene.

By focusing on the search for quality, the achievement of excellence becomes possible thanks to the enhancement of the person and his/her individual abilities.

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Why join the BCUBE team?


    The well-being of the person is pursued by a strong focus on innovation through the continuous search for new solutions that feed human resources engagement and improve their lifestyle.

    Every year, we conduct insights into human resources issues, starting with analysis of pay benchmarks, and looking for new ways of professional development, communication strategies, and collaboration across different work teams.

    Among the most important topics, BCUBE wants to convey the company values and the respect of the organization culture to its employees, paying particular attention to diversity management.


    Joining the BCUBE Group means sharing an ambitious project aimed at continuous growth and improvement.

    The Group’s objective is to make integrated logistics at international level, while maintaining the values of tradition and seeking the development of a professional path ad hoc for each employee. Trusting human resources by developing their skills as key tools to anticipate change is key to our success.

    Our growth paths include multi-directional professional experiences, with the opportunity to work within different teams and projects. We also offer the opportunity to experience firsthand various business realities, moving across our BUs in all the Group’s locations, both nationally and internationally.

Discover our Business Areas

In BCUBE, the Purchasing function is responsible for managing and coordinating the procurement of Facilities, Services and Materials. Suppliers are selected through specific procedures and quality criteria, thus ensuring the excellence of the service. Suppliers are periodically evaluated through the appropriate procedures.
The people in this function play an indispensable role in ensuring quality, sustainability of services, and above all, cost optimization, fostering innovation and continuous improvement within the Group.

In BCUBE, the EHS (Environment, Health and Safety) function deals with the prevention of different occupational risks and the compliance with environmental, health and safety standards in every working area. It also manages risk assessment and improvement plans – especially by ensuring that all PPE are properly used and deployed in the workplace -, updates procedures and integrates them with new regulations. In addition, it checks the provisions of the Operational Safety Plan and the periodic maintenance of machinery or equipment used at work.

The AFC function of BCUBE Group is responsible for ensuring the proper management of the Group’s financial assets. Specifically, this business function oversees the drafting of financial statements, checks cash flows, controls the correct allocation of resources, and follows the operations of budget, general accounting and analytical and industrial accounting. In addition to being responsible for evaluating new business initiatives, investment openings, and merger and acquisition opportunities, this function analyses financial results and risks, brand profitability and balance sheets of the different countries. All of this is done with the aim of guiding teams in the achievement of business goals.

The BCUBE communication function, in addition to ensuring integrity, consistency of style and content of the brand, aims to communicate a coherent message to all stakeholders, both internal and external of the company. This function is in charge of explaining the values that define the Group’s ethics, ensuring that every message is in line with the business strategy. It is through Corporate Communication that BCUBE transfers its MISSION, VISION and FOUNDING VALUES, using an integrated communication complex that aggregates all stakeholders. The team is also responsible for planning, managing and analysing the processes of interaction and dialogue between management and the entire business structure.

The ICT function of BCUBE is responsible for the planning, development, direction and control of IT applications and systems implemented within the company.
The team’s work is geared to developing the IT strategy. They collaborate on the development of tools capable of ensuring cyber security through innovative technologies for the purpose of implementing new solutions and business models.

Under the company guidelines, this function carries out review analysis, optimization and organization of logistic processes with the aim of increasing efficiency, reducing costs and enhancing the Group’s customer portfolio.
The BCUBE Group has several teams in the field, including:
– Solution Design & Packaging: they oversee the development and design of logistics and packaging solutions for existing Customers and new prospects;
– Technical Department: they disseminate the LEAN methodology, optimizing the implementation of processes in already operational sites and in the launch of new facilities. The team develops innovative technology solutions and monitors operational performance metrics.
The goal is not only to increase global value and business performance, but above all, to respond to the customer’s needs.

BCUBE legal department is the reference point for all business functions in legal matters and is capable of anticipating, preventing and solving legal problems and risks. Our team is responsible for providing legal support and advice to the senior management and the different functions on all legal issues, supporting every project in contract negotiation and, of course, to the board of directors. The legal department is responsible for compliance of business activities, but also intervenes in internal and external disputes and, if necessary, in process management.

The Operations function is responsible for managing the end-to-end production chain and performing its main process steps:
– Suppliers’ area management
– Inbound and Outbound logistics
– Warehouse and logistic platforms management
– Production logistics
– Value-added services and industrial packaging
Every supply and distribution chain has its own processes, sequences and procedures. The common goal is to simplify and make them more efficient by sharing priorities and methods, step by step.

The Quality and Sustainability function of BCUBE plays an essential role in ensuring optimal standards for the compliance and safety of both processes and products, in line with the principles guiding the Group.
The main objective is to pursue efficiency and effectiveness in service delivery and continuous improvement.
Actually, the Group adopts an economically and ethically responsible approach which provides for: protecting the environment, conducting business ethically, recognizing the right value of human resources, maintaining strong and lasting relationships with stakeholders, engaging suppliers and focusing on the customers.
The proof of the commitment of the team and the whole Group in these fields are the numerous certifications achieved for products, quality and environment.

The HR function is responsible for coordinating processes and operations involving BCUBE personnel. For us, this area is structured in several sectors: Organization, Talent, Training & Development, Service and Industrial Relations. The synergy between these areas leads to the integration of talents, by providing career and development opportunities and by offering opportunities for being part of effective performance evaluation processes and targeted training plans. Thanks to in-house professionals, the function also cooperates in the management of trade union relations and employment law matters.

BCUBE Security function identifies the most appropriate technical and process solutions to achieve optimal workplace security levels, while protecting the security of people and assets.
It provides the Group with accurate, timely and effective procedures in this area and monitors the functioning of the implemented CCTV, intrusion and gender systems.