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Over 100 offices distributed over the continents: an operational point of reference for Italy and the main foreign markets.

In each country where we are present, we work in coordination with well-tested local logistics providers.

Our international growth owes much to the partnerships we enter into, always with the primary aim to create value for our customers.


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1953 Route des Savoie – 38490 Aoste - France
+39 0142 565600
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BCUBE is present in France with the company AASI (Alteàd Argol Solutions Industrielles), a joint venture with ALTEAD, a French company being leader in heavy transport and lifting.


Rupert-Mayer-Str. 46, 81379 München - Deutschland
+39 0142 565600
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BCUBE has been present on the German market since 2013, with several companies and subsidiaries:

BCUBE GmbH, TopLog, BCUBE ProjekLogistik with registered office in Munich and operating sites in

Wuppertal, Brotterode, Hessen, Kamenz, Leipzig.

At present, the German companies employ more than 500 people and they are growing fast.

In Germany, the Group covers the entire range of supply chain services:

  • receipt and shipment of materials
  • storage
  • handling at the customer’s plant until the material is delivered to the production lines
  • data integration with the customer’s IT system
  • development of dedicated IT systems
  • quality control
  • packaging
  • car compound management
  • warehousing of specific goods, such as batteries for electric vehicles and batteries for i.c. engines
  • management of empty containers
  • spare part inventory management

Here in Germany, BCUBE combines the experience and the global presence of the Group’s headquarters with German know-how, and offers the German market services made-to-measure to meet local needs, with a marked focus on the requirements of the automotive industry.

ul. Turyńska 100 43–100 Tychy - Poland
+48 (32) 217 93 05
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BCUBE has been present in Poland since 1994 with Sistema Poland.

At present, the Polish Group employs 1300 people and it is comprised of four companies:


Through the efforts of a dedicated team of professionals who develop customised solutions, BCUBE operates in 7 sites in Poland:

Tychy, Bielsko – Biała, Bieruń, Łódź, Sosnowiec, Świdnik and Warszawa, with 6 logistics centres, where it supplies integrated logistics services over a 260,000 m2 area, manages warehousing facilities extending over more than 200,000 m2, and operates an R&D centre and a sales office.

Its main areas of activities are

Automotive, Aerospace & Defence, Technology, Consumer & Health Care.

In Poland, BCUBE offers a wide range of services: storage, packaging, co-packing, sequencing, kitting, co-manufacturing, assembling, production line feeding systems, just-in-time and just-in-sequence delivery processes, materials handling on the plant grounds,  pick-to-light and pick-by-point solutions, RFID (radio-frequency identification), automated guided vehicles, packaging and container management, analysis and management of every aspect of the entire supply chain, including production planning and optimisation.

Thanks to the experience acquired in many years of collaboration with national and international transport companies, the group can offer its customers high quality services and top-level professional skills.

Through its Transport Division, BCUBE proposes a wide range of specialised services, including temperature-controlled transport, an activity that requires the utmost attention and precision in goods handling.

In Poland, this service is supplied to major companies in the Food & Beverage sectors, working at national and international levels.

In the field of intermodal transport services, BCUBE manages railway sidings in Tychy, Bieruń and Łódź; the company operates scheduled train runs between Tychy (PL) and Villanova d’Asti (IT).

With its own fleet of over 100 vehicles and through on-going collaboration with certified subcontractors, BCUBE is able to offer reliable and fast transport services at competitive prices.

The Polish team is currently strengthening its presence in Poland by stepping up its activities in the Aerospace & Defence sector.

The company’s customer portfolio in Poland has recently been enriched with one of the world’s most important players in the Aerospace & Defence sector, already a customer of BCUBE in Italy.

The core business of the company is industrial packaging of both finished products such as helicopters and aircraft parts such as wings, fuselage and various engine parts.

Taking its cue from customer needs, the R&D centre works out solutions that improve the efficiency of company processes, enabling the customer to manage logistics flows in a flexible manner and acquire a competitive edge.

The expansion of BCUBE in Poland benefits from the opening of a new sales office in Warsaw, whose aim is to promote growth both locally and in other European countries.

Casale Monferrato
Via Luigi Bonzano Cavaliere del Lavoro 4 - 15033 Casale Monferrato (AL) - Italy
+39 014 256 5600
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BCUBE is a major Global Player in Integrated Logistic Services for Supply Chain management.

Activities started in 1952, initially in wood packaging, with progressive enlargement
to the full range of Contract Logistics Services.

Innovation, investments, partnerships and acquisitions have allowed BCUBE to become one of the main Logistics groups, with a Turnover of over € 550 million in 2014 and 4,900 employees.

BCUBE in Italy  has 54 production sites for a total of over one and a half million square meters of managed areas, including the main locations such as Villanova d’Asti dedicated in particular to the automotive sector; Ricengoand Voghera – the two strategic manufacturing centers of BCUBE with activities for clients mainly in the Industrial; Livorno – the site dedicated to one of the most important clients in the Energy and many others throughout the country.

BCUBE operates mainly in Automotive, Energy, Industrial, Aerospace & Defence, Air Cargo and Consumer & Healthcare .

Cacaoweg 20, Loods 6, 1047BM, Amsterdam
+31 (0) 20 71 62 610
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BCUBE Luxury BV was established in the Netherlands in 2015.

With the opening of this new site, BCUBE has strengthened its presence in Europe, giving proof of its remarkable spirit of internationalism and growth.

The Dutch company of the Group aims to develop its presence in the Luxury goods sector among Italian and international customers.

Working from its headquarters in Amsterdam, near the Schiphol international airport, BCUBE Luxury BV intends to ensure the standards of quality and service attained by the Group throughout the world, working in coordination with its Freight Forwarding and Air Cargo BUs.

The company’s service range includes the operation of a trunk line on the Italy-Holland route, the storage and worldwide distribution of finished products (“Accessories” and “Valuables”), distribution and collection operations in Amsterdam.

The Dutch market, with its rich business opportunities, is part of the strategic development plan of BCUBE, a Group that can offer a full range of services in a variety of sectors, including Automotive, Energy, Industrial, Consumer, Aerospace & Defence, Banking & Document Management, Air Cargo.

South America
Rua Senador Milton Campos, 35 – 17° andar, 34.000–000, Vale do Sereno, Nova Lima, Minas Gerais
+55 (31) 3517.4000
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In South America, BCUBE has been present since 2008 in Brazil, with Bcube Logistic Ltda, and since 2010 in Argentina with the Villanova Company. The group provides work for 350 people and operates in Brazil with 5 sites, in the states of Minas Gerais, São Paulo, Rio de Janeiro and Pernambuco, supplying integrated logistics services and managing warehouses extending over an area of ca 70,000 m². In Argentina, Bcube’s logistics services include warehousing services in Buenos Aires and Cordoba. Its main areas of activity are :Automotive, Industrial, Food & Beverage, Consumer goods and Pharmaceuticals.

In these sectors, BCUBE offers integrated logistics services, such as Milk-Run deliveries, Inbound and Outbound Goods Transport, Cross Docking, Warehousing, Sequencing, Kitting, Just in time (JIT) and Just in sequence (JIS) supply services, RFID (radio-frequency identification), management of Completely Knock-Down (CKD) flows, packaging, management of containers and packages, analysis and management of the entire supply chain, including production planning and productivity enhancement measures.

Moreover, with its Transport Division, using its own vehicle fleet and managing the operations of contractors and haulage firms, BCUBE proposes a range of transportation activities, offering its customers top quality and added value services.

Bcube Logistic relies on a highly qualified staff, who can identify and implement the best logistics solutions, based on leading edge technologies, putting in place the concepts of World Class Logistics (WCL). In 2018, as a further step in its process of growth in the Brazilian market, Bcube obtained the licence for the transport and warehousing of cosmetics and pharmaceuticals.

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