BCUBE alongside the youth sector of the emerging ‚Accademia Casale‘.

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BCUBE will be a partner of the youth team of Società Sportiva Accademia Casale in the 2023 /2024 season, as Main Sponsor.

As our CEO Luigi Bonzano and our Vice-President Umberto Bonzano (who will also play the role of Honorary President) reiterate, „the youth sector trains the men of tomorrow, which is why it is the most important part of a team. And we, as a company, focus on the future and the men of the future‘.

The official presentation of the teams was held on Sunday 17 September at the Natale Palli Stadium in Casale Monferrato. During the event, all the players – both those representing Asd Città di Casale and the youth sector of Accademia Casale – paraded. The latter wore representative jerseys bearing the BCUBE logo.

The novelty is the school of young football talents, the former Turricola Terruggia, which has changed its name to Società Sportiva Dilettantistica Accademia Casale, remaining the old club from the federal point of view so as to maintain the right to participate in the regional youth championships won on the field in recent years.

Read more about the Nero Stellato project here.

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