CAREER DAY 2023 – BCUBE meets the students of the SOBRERO High School in Casale Monferrato

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On the morning of 1 June 2023 at the Palestra Nuova of the Istituto Superiore Ascanio Sobrero in Casale Monferrato, our HR team – Elisa Musso, Eleonora Ferraris, Francesca Gigliello and Adele Audisio – together with BCUBE vice-president Umberto Bonzano, met with the final year students.

After a brief initial introduction and presentations of the companies, held in the Aula Magna, the students were given an orientation interview.

It was an opportunity for the Institute’s young students to receive useful advice from experts in the world of work regarding future professional and training choices, and for the companies present a way to get in touch with young talent in the area.

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