Celebrating the 70th Anniversary of the Bcube Group

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Today, 1 July 2022 officially marks the 70th anniversary of our Group. A date that is not just a simple official anniversary, but an opportunity to reflect on the growth of our company, appreciating the path of evolution and the identity built over time, which today, for those who are part of it, certainly represents a source of pride.

For over 70 years, the BCUBE Group has been successfully implementing high-level integrated logistics projects, positioning itself among the undisputed leaders on the Italian and international logistics scene. It is unbelievable to think how much the company has changed in 70 years, continuing its path of development and expansion with determination and consistency. Although we find ourselves today in an extremely challenging historical moment, it is fair to point out that BCUBE is still continuing its constant growth in terms of size and strategic importance, affirming its role as a market leader year after year.

If it is succeeding, it is undoubtedly thanks to strong technical skills, a cross-sector approach and the ability to respond promptly to market needs, but also and above all thanks to the people, trusted collaborators, who have been the fundamental building block of the BCUBE Group since its inception.

Precisely on the occasion of our 70th anniversary, on behalf of President Cavaliere del Lavoro Dr. Piero Carlo Bonzano, we have the pleasure of expressing our deepest and most sincere thanks to all employees and collaborators for the commitment, seriousness and professionalism with which they carry out their work on a daily basis. In the gears of the corporate ‚machine‘, the role of each and every one of us is, and always will be, of fundamental importance. We all make the difference, contributing, day after day, to building the history and strengthening the identity of the BCUBE Group.

Happy BCUBE Anniversary!

We would like to inform you that from today, until the end of the year, all the Group’s email addresses will bear the new logo dedicated to the 70th anniversary.


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