1st AIR CARGO ITALY Forum on ‘Opportunities and criticalities of air cargo in Italy’

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On 10 March next, the 1st AIR CARGO ITALY Forum will be held at the Malpensa Center at the T1 of the Varese airport. BCUBE will also be on the panel of speakers with the contribution of Mauro Grisafi, CEO of BCUBE Air Cargo.

The works will open with the introductory greeting of Carlo De Ruvo, president of Confetra, followed by the public interview of the director of AIR CARGO ITALY, Nicola Capuzzo, with Alessandro Albertini, president of Anama.

Trt Trasporti e Territorio will have the task of offering a general overview of air cargo transport in Italy with an overview of the numbers, new projects and market trends both nationally and internationally, which will be followed by the actual morning round table.

Taking part in the debate will be Paolo Dallanoce (SEA), Leonardo Baldi (Jas), Massimo Roccasecca (Garda Aeroporti), Marco Carenini (Aicai), Mauro Grisafi (MLE – BCUBE), Lorenzo Schettini (ALHA), Betty Schiavoni (Alsea – Freschi&Schiavoni), Giovanni Costantini (consultant for Gesfa – Grottaglie airport) and Riccardo Fuochi (Propeller Club Milano).

These are some of the issues and questions that will be at the centre of the debate:

  • what do the 2022 results tell us about the tonnes of freight transited through Italian airports?
    making a system: yes but how?
    cargo polarisation vs. the emergence of new projects in other Italian airports?
  • what do airlines demand from airports?
  • growth potential of the e-commerce and courier market in air cargo in italy?
  • major criticalities and opportunities in the near future for the sector?
  • digitalisation: why is it not being exploited in Italy?
  • what is Italy lacking today to win back the kilograms of cargo that choose to take off or land in other foreign airports via air cargo?

For more information on the event and Air Cargo issues, please visit the editorial website: www.aircargoitaly.com

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