”SISTEMA POLAND” e ”SPM POLAND” change their skin…

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“BCUBE Poland” is officially born

We are pleased to inform you that as of the 31st of March, the companies Sistema Poland Sp. Z o.o. and SPM Poland Sp.z o.o. will officially adopt a new logo: “BCUBE Poland”. An epochal change that brings the two Polish companies, present on the market since the 90s, to significantly approach the BCUBE Group brand identity standards.

The change in the visual identity of Systema Poland and SPM Poland is one of the key aspects of the rebranding process, started in December 2021, and is part of a much broader project, the main goal of which is to strengthen the position of the BCUBE Group on the Polish and Europaan markets.

The current “Sistema Poland” logo was born in the 90’s and the “SPM” logo was born at the start of 2000’s, when the company’s offer active in Poland was mainly focused on logistics services for the Automotive and White sector Goods. Following the growth of the company and the entry into new sectors, as well as the expansion of the offer to services with high added value, and an increasingly intense integration with the Italian parent company, it was necessary to adapt the company to the standards dictated by the Casale Monferrato headquarters also from a visual point of view.

BCUBE Poland, The new logo, will gradually replace the existing ones and will be present on the website, on social networks, on the official Polish corporate documentation and will slowly be put into service through new communication and promotion materials.

It is important to note that the company names will retain the current form of Sistema Poland Sp.z o.o. and SPM Poland sp.z o.o. Only the company logo and email domain will be changed. All other data, including PIN, REGON, bank account numbers, telephone numbers and the address of the company’s registered office will not be affected.. At the same time, it should be noted that, pursuant to current legislation, the editing of the company logo does not entail any change in the context of the contractual obligations assumed by the companies or of the reciprocal rights and obligations deriving from the agreements entered into by the companies Sistema Poland and SPM Poland and it doesn’t require its annexation.

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