Work environments the focus of BCUBE – “Break Areas” pilot project kicks off

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The project to improve sharing spaces and relaxation areas dedicated to coffee breaks has officially started. A project aimed at improving workplaces, making them more welcoming and functional with the goal of encouraging interaction among colleagues.

The project aims in the short term to reorganize and enhance some existing areas dedicated to relaxation and coffee breaks . In the medium and long term, the aim is to design new areas dedicated and to be allocated to the various functions, to be implemented gradually over time.

The pilot project started at the Casale Monferrato headquarters and will be extended, in the coming months, to the Group’s operational sites that will see a 'clear change in the “Break Areas” and “Coffee Corners” especially in terms of visual impact.

Compared to the pilot project at the Casale Monferrato headquarters, specific solutions that are more flexible and modular will be provided for the operational sites in the territory, as they relate to smaller spaces due to the operational nature of the sites and at times, a smaller number of employees.

This is an initiative strongly desired by the BCUBE Ownership to encourage those meetings that bring people closer together, stimulate dialogue and strengthen team harmony in all business contexts, both in office and more operational environments.

Stay tuned !


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