National Logistics Competition – May 8 and 9 in Casale Monferrato. BCUBE Strategic partner of the event

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On May 8 and 9 was held the National Logistics Competition held at the Sobrero Institute in Casale Monferrato, winner of the 2023 edition of the same event and thus designated this year by the Ministry of Education and Merit as the organizing entity of this important event in which 24 students accompanied by the same number of teachers, from all over Italy, participated.

This student competition, which sees the best students at the national level competing against each other representing each institute, is designed to stimulate and test students’ logistics skills through a written test, formulated with the direct support of BCUBE, a strategic partner of the event and always attentive to the training of young people and the development of skills in the Casalese territory.

This important project is divided over two days of intense cultural exchange and written tests.

On yesterday’s day, the conference “LOGISTICS AND TERRITORY” was held, which was attended by institutions and leading figures in the field of education and logistics.

Among the insights, which emerged from the stimulating discussion among the speakers, the following stand out in particular:
✔the theme of the complexity and multifacetedness of logistics
✔ the theme of the soft skills that characterize the sector
✔ the need to team up to ensure a systems approach and ensure quality training
✔ the passion and potential of young people, which must be constantly stimulated and nurtured

The second part of the morning, on the other hand, was devoted to a panel discussion – moderated by economics expert journalist Enrico Sozzetti – attended by : Sobrero High School Headmaster Riccardo Rota, Mayor of Casale Federico Riboldi, Cristina Bargero president of the Piedmont Mobility Agency, Coordinating Technical Manager of the Regional Inspection Corps Pierangela Dagna, Education Superintendent Laura Bergonzi, President of the National Network of Italian Logistics Schools Brigida Morsellino, the President of Confindustria Alessandria Laura Coppo, the President of Assologistica Umberto Ruggerone, Alessandro Pia of STAT Group, Pecchio Alberto of Golia/Infogestweb, the Slala Foundation – Logistics System of Northwest Italy (the president is Cesare Rossini) represented by Nicola Bassi, coordinator of the Freight Logistics Commission.

Representing BCUBE, however, were vice president Umberto Bonzano and communications manager Ewa Micor, who took the opportunity to announce the new project dedicated to training that will see the Institute and BCUBE collaborating closely in order to enhance the “logistics” address and develop specific skills and abilities in response to the increasingly “demanding” needs of a rapidly expanding sector.


“This is an initiative that serves to strengthen the link between the world of education and the world of work, a theme always pursued by our institute,” says headmaster Riccardo Rota. “Logistics is a rapidly evolving sector that is particularly important for our territory and its economy, a sector where our school wants to be a point of reference

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